Web Based Technical Support is worth investing in as an entrepreneur

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We are living in the digital age. Everything is sold and bought online, well almost. There is nothing now that we can’t share online. Companies have both an offline store and online face. We know of major online sellers who have expanded their base to other countries as well. Both products and services can be sold. These products can be something to do with the household or electronic in nature. They can also be software dependant or software itself. 

Software installation and use may need help, so will electronic machines and equipments. Often cameras and scanner users need support. Companies that sell these devices plan to provide support through email, telephone or phone. 

A Microsoft Officer buyer who is a first time buyer and is not computer literate will need help with the installation. When the DSLR camera suddenly goes blank, people look up the user manual and if the resolution isn’t mentioned in it, their next resort is the telephone. Customers use the help of technical support teams from their respective sellers.

Often these companies outsource the work to another company either in the same region or outside. Some products need telephone support exclusively. Others that are not an emergency can do with email based support which usually comes with a service agreement of responding within 3-7 working days depending on the kind of help needed.   

What you need to do as an entrepreneur is to look for a company that is planning to reach out to its customers in different regions as they increase their customer base and win a contract with them. Providing web based services would require you to use the internet extensively. Go for a service that has a high SLA. The company will need infrastructure setup which you can either rent or buy. Renting works best.  

What about the capital? 

This is important when setting up any business. There are banks and financial organizations that provide loans and you can also approach family, friends and dig into your own pocket to fund the business. It may not be possible to gather all the required funds at the same time. Set up the office and as you go, keep looking for financial help as well. 

We must remember that we are about to provide web based tech support. Human resources will provide that support, hence we need to recruit the right kind of people. Training the hired resources may be another investment you will have to make time and effort-wise. 

Once the set up is ready and you have won your first contract, you will be on the way to deliver what you promised. Quality is of utmost importance when customers need support. If the company that hired you to help their customers isn’t satisfied with the kind of service you provide, the contract will not be renewed. 

Starting a web based tech support company is not a walk in the park, but if we get it right, we can make a success out of it.   

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